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Host Family In Perú?

Live with a local family in PeruEach year, Host Family Peru provides good quality accommodation for dozens of people from abroad like university students, professionals or travelers with housing needs wishing to experience the Peruvian way of life at an affordable price.

Host Family in Peru is an opportunity to live in a friendly home with a Peruvian family located in safe and nice areas. You will be able to experience the Peruvian life style and culture up close, and learn about the customs and traditions. You will feel safe in a family environment, which is just like staying in a second home in South America.

Peru Accommodation

We at Host Family Peru have many years experience of placing students and travellers in host families. All our host families are known to us, have been interviewed and the accommodation they offer is always inspected. All our families are very carefully selected with respect to safety of neighborhoods, proximity to public transportation and welcoming ability of the host family. Through our home stay program, lifetime friendships are being created all the time resulting in a greater mutual understanding and awareness of each other’s culture.

It is therefore very important that you let us know if you have any special requirements that need to be taken into consideration for your host family placement.

The host family placement confirmation will be sent to you at least one week in advance and will give you a brief description about the host family (occupation, children, pets, smoker/non smoker).

What does your FAMILY PROVIDE?


All our families will give you: 

  • Free airport pick up.

  • A welcoming and comfortable environment and ensure your welfare is
    always considered.

  • A nice, clean room with door keys, closet and good quality living conditions.

  • A private or shared bathroom.

  • Help to understand Cusco Transport and how to travel.

  • 3 delicious meals per day (breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

  • Special diets such as vegetarian or for allergic people are catered for
    on request.

  • A house within close proximity to public transport.

  • The opportunity to improve your Spanish on a daily basis.

  • The host family will advise you how to go to a laundry service when it is


What the host family should be


         Respect for the family’s privacy and any rules the family may have. Keeping the family informed if you are going to be late home – to avoid unnecessary worry· Ask permission before you invite people over to the house. Respectful behaviour (remember to use those polite phrases the Peruvians are so fond of: Por favor, Gracias, Disculpe, Buenos dias/tardes/noches. When the individual or student arrives in Cusco, we will give him/her the necessary information about tourist packages offered in and around Cusco.  In case of illness, our family will offer help within our capability the necessary. Our homestay coordinator will match you with a homestay that suits your personal needs. Some students have special requests concerning religion, diet, allergies, etc.




Before you arrive: We require your arrival information (flight details) in order to ensure that your family is at home to greet you. You should email or call this information to  at least one week in advance. We require complete information to place you with a compatible family: special dietary requirements, allergies, smoking habits, age, etc. When your accommodation booking is confirmed, you will receive a description of the family in English.


Arrival:  Your host family will pick you up at the Cusco Airport. As soon as you walk through Customs and Immigration in Cusco airport, you will see a member of your host family carrying a sign with your name on it.


Location: Most of our families are located to 20-25 minutes walking from the center of the city. Public transport normally takes about 5 minutes.


Minimum stay: The minimum stay in a family is one week. You can request extra nights at a supplement.


Meals: Breakfast is a light meal in Cusco, consisting of coffee, milk, juice and bread or biscuits. Lunch is the main meal for many Peruvians and is taken between 13:00 and 14:30 . Dinner is usually repetition lunch (traditional dishes) or tortilla, salads, etc., and is taken between 18:00 and 19:00.


If you are not happy with your family, speak to the coordinator in your first week. We will offer you other alternative families.


We invite you to come to live with us!

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