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Comments 2008


Homestay in Cusco - Peru



Country: Poland
Age: 31

The whole family, I would like to say again thank you for everything! My stay in Cusco was an amazing experience for me. The host family was wonderful, I felt like a part of their!     I could improve very well my Spanish and met a lot of nice and funny people.

..and I learned very important surviving thing for the life,

be careful with cebiche! ;)





family house peru


Country: Holland
Age: 22

I had the best time in the house of the Rojas family! The people were so nice and they take such good care of you! They make you
feel really at home. They help you find your way and take you places. But also, once you have found your way around cuzco, you
can take the space you want and do things by yourself. I always loved the pizza nights (with the nice fresh peruvian pizzas)
and the family parties were everybody was dancing to Grupo 5 ( you will know who Grupo 5 is when you leave Peru believe me!).
I really had alot of fun and great times there.



homestay peru


Country: Holland
Age: 26
Email: nisselroy

I had a great time staying with a Peruvian family although it was just for a holiday!
I felt really welcome with the family, the were very hospitable. In the short time I stayed with the family it felt like home. The food was always really good and good to taste some real Peruvian plates. It was a wonderfull experience living with a family for a few weeks!




host family peru

Agnes Schepens

Country: Holland
Age: 25

Living with a Peruvian family in Cusco, Peru, was one of my most beautiful experiences of my time in Peru.
When you live with a Peruvian family you can live your life like you're living in your country. I always feel like a member of the family.
You can participate in family activities, but if you want, always have your privacy, too. I liked a lot. Now the Peruvian family where I lived, is like my second family really!







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