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Comments 2009


Live with a family in Cusco - Peru


Claire Ibell

Country: New Zeland
Age: 22

Gracias por su hospitalidad.

Vivir con ustedes estuvo como vivir con mi familia, un hogar generoso.

Gracias también por su paciencia con mi Español!




family house peru



Country: Spain
Age: 24

Os quiero dar las gracias por todo este mes, vuestra hospitalidad, la alegría y energía que me habeis transmitido. Gracias Clara por todas las comidas, te agradezco muchísimo, he comido muy muy bien.

Gracias a toda la familia por transmitir tanta buena energía que me llevo para siempre conmigo, espero que muy pronto nos volvamos a ver!!

Miles de abrazos




family house peru


Kylie Edwards

Country: United States
Age: 27

Thank you for making my first trip to South America an unforgetable experience!!

I am already looking forward to my next trip & hope my spanglish will be mucho inproved by then! (as well as my robotica salsa moves :-) )

Thank you again for all your kindness & unforgetable experiences,

Muchas Gracias!





family house peru

Kristen Connor

Country: United States
Age: 19

Thank you so much for everything, I’ve had a wonderful month in Cusco and I can’t wait to come back and visit again!

Clara, you’re cooking was always delicious, thank you for introducing me to Peruvian cuisine! Hopefully I can try to recréate one of your dishes though I doubt I’ll have much success..

Carlos you’re conversation at the dining table always kept me interested; from you I was able to learn a lot about the incas, Quechua and Cusco today. I really appreciate it!

I am so sad to be leaving, I wish I could stay another month or two! I’ll never forget this trip.

Thanks again for everything!

Kristen Connor



homestay peru

Sarah & Guus

Country: Belgium
Age: 24 & 25

Viva Cusco y también la familia Rojas, Viva Cienciano. Todos los días la comida rica y también un mes bonito. Estamos muy tristes de salir mañana, Son una familia muy amable.

Viva Cusco!

Sarah y Guus



host family peru

Sebastian Christoffersen

Country: Denmark
Age: 20

Wow, I can’t believe that I’m leaving in less tan three hours.. I’m really going to miss it here.

Thank you so much Carlos for introducing me to your kind family and to the city of Cusco. I’ve enjoyed all those times around the table eating, great food and speaking Spanish with your family, it really helped my Spanish inprove as much at the clases!







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